Monday, 29 August 2011

Knit 'n Natter Saturday

Verb: Talk casually, esp. about unimportant matters; chatter

knit (nit)
1. To make (a fabric or garment) by intertwining yarn or thread in a series of connected loops either by hand, with knitting needles, or on a machine.
2. To join closely; unite securely.

Well... that's exactly what we did!
We united securely over a lovely glass of er.. pink lemonade and talked casually about very important yarny matters...
As you can see I didn't get very far with my little amigurumi-to-be. The er... pink lemonade and crochet did not enhance my "knitting" - only my "nattering". Note the position of the hook.. I am the lefty in this band of natters.
Crochet Sensei Cornelle (my "Crochet-whisperer") on the other hand was ultra productive and made this lovely potholder.
And some gorgeous flower bunting:
She also made some lovely chrysanthemum brooches, but I was enjoying the nattering and the "lemonade" too much to bother taking pictures.
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PS: I played around with the layout of the blog - again. I would love to get some comments and feedback. Yay or a big fat Nay?


Faith said...

That pot holder is lovely, what a lovely way to spend a Saturday with crochet, chat...and, lemonade. I like your new background pink and sparkly right up my street, I'm not so sure on the font which is not always easy to read especially on the side bars, but then maybe I'm the only one who thinks that.

Marsha said...

Oh that darn "lemonade"! It seems to do that to most of us lemonade drinkers. Especially us lefty ones. I like the layout of the blog. Easy to read and follow. With or without lemonade.

Kim said...

Lovely crocheted goodies, lovely blog and clever post. But, to my old lady eyes, the font is a bit hard to read.

Anonymous said...

Pretty blog and pretty crochet! Yarn and lemonade are such a fun mix, though not always a productive one :)

I like that font, though I think it would work best as you have it, where the bulk of the blog is pictures. Does that make sense? I think it could be tiring to read large chunks of text in it.

ria said...

Nice pics for someone who'd been drinking pink lemonade!

Adri said...

Thank you for all the positive input ladies... RE: The blog - I really like the crafty font, but it takes extra concentration to read. (But maybe that was my evil plan all along... so that you're spending extra time here..) I might leave the Headings in the fancy font and choose something plain for the body.

Adri said...

@ Ria - Thank you... I can do twice thangs at once ;-) *hic*

Sara said...

Love the bunting! I need to do one of those.

The font isn't my preference. I typically like handwriting style fonts, but it just seems to float around the screen for me in this format.

Alittlebitsheepish said...

I definitely find that pink lemonade causes problems with my craft work, usually problems that I don't notice until the next day