Monday, 29 August 2011

Knit 'n Natter Saturday

Verb: Talk casually, esp. about unimportant matters; chatter

knit (nit)
1. To make (a fabric or garment) by intertwining yarn or thread in a series of connected loops either by hand, with knitting needles, or on a machine.
2. To join closely; unite securely.

Well... that's exactly what we did!
We united securely over a lovely glass of er.. pink lemonade and talked casually about very important yarny matters...
As you can see I didn't get very far with my little amigurumi-to-be. The er... pink lemonade and crochet did not enhance my "knitting" - only my "nattering". Note the position of the hook.. I am the lefty in this band of natters.
Crochet Sensei Cornelle (my "Crochet-whisperer") on the other hand was ultra productive and made this lovely potholder.
And some gorgeous flower bunting:
She also made some lovely chrysanthemum brooches, but I was enjoying the nattering and the "lemonade" too much to bother taking pictures.
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PS: I played around with the layout of the blog - again. I would love to get some comments and feedback. Yay or a big fat Nay?

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Spring is on its way!

The garden is still looking wintery, but the first flowers are showing their faces.
This little flower cushion is inspired by Lucy from Attic24.
It was made entirely from cotton yarn from Vinni's Colours.
And what would a garden or a flower bee without a bee? This little gogga was a gift all the way from America.
The back of the flower is a little plainer but still colourful.
I plan on playing around with this pattern some more, so keep an eye out for more flowers in our store.

Friday, 26 August 2011

All about crochet and weather

Here in the southern tip of Africa weather is always on our minds - we love sunny African days, but hate the drought. We wish the rain away and then pray for rain...

Today it is a bit dreary and to cheer us all up I am showing some happy weather...

This is the start of my little sunshine. 

Then the rays were added. The rays were all individually crocheted and then attached one by one to the happy sun.

Next came a little happy cloud...

And then a little rainbow.The rainbow was done twice, then sewn together and stuffed lightly.

Then of course we desperately needed some rain... And what a cute little drop he is!

Finally they were all done... The sun, the cloud, the rainbow and the little raindrop.

Now I just need to add some embroidery thread to a hoop and the mobile is finished! I think this is such a happy little project for a baby room and a perfect gift for a baby shower.

If you would like to try this pattern yourself - I found it in the Crochet Today magazine May/June 2010. I did tweak it a little so it's not exactly the same as the pattern.

Off to finish my next project...

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Carrots - From mere rabbit food to Paul Cezanne

"The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution. "
Paul Cezanne

I am a bit dramatic for this early in the week, but I think you will be revolutionised into action when you see this absolutely adorable carrot pattern from Lionbrand Yarns.

I used Elle Courtelle 4-ply 098 Citrus and Elle Family Knit Olive. The Courtelle is a plain acrylic yarn, but it feels really soft and squishy. The pattern is perfect for a baby shower lastminute gift and works up very quickly.

You can just stuff it and be done with it or you can buy a little bell or a small cheap plastic rattle and insert it into the carrot before closing up and adding the leaves. I find that the plastic rattle's sound is much better than the little bell.

This one has two leaves, but I have made another one with four leaves. Add as many as you like!

Find the free crochet pattern here.

If you don't crochet and would like to order one of your own contact